Robert Monk

Freelance writer, film critic, poet and illustrator.

Greenland Eyes International: events

Tracing a personal voyage of discovery through the quagmires of history and the shifting waters of cultural and anthropological ideas, this hugely affecting documentary film presents an emotional journey through generations and continents. Making eloquent use of antique video and still images from the late 19th century, The Prize of the Pole charts the progress of the Innuit hunter Hivshu (also known as Robert E. Peary II) as he attempts to discover the truth of his American great-Grandfather’s

An Audience With... Lou Reed

Rock is littered with loud mouths, with stars whose acidic wit can reduce a dictaphone to jelly with a well-placed one-liner. But no one could top Lou Reed. Famously irascible, the songwriter seemed to wrap each pull quote in barbed wire, but alongside this were moments of genuine insight - into his own work, and that of the artists who most inspired him. In 2008 Lou Reed took his famed solo album 'Berlin' back out on the road. Clash were able to gain interview time with the iconoclastic New Y